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Tomato Rice

I was planning to be in Portugal this Easter. For a variety of reasons I had to delay my trip. When I was breaking the news to my parents, whom have been anxiously waiting for the visit, my mom remind … Continue reading

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Salmon in Coconut Milk with Sautee Vegetables

The weather started to get increasingly warmer during the last week and my husband is saying the Summer temperatures are here to stay. The Summer? But we’re not even in the Spring yet! I like the change of seasons to … Continue reading

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Chickpea Curry on Coconut Basmati Rice

I was doing some research other day because I wanted to make my own curry mix and this captured my attention:  “The Portuguese importation of the chilli pepper from Brazil and their mixing of other Asian spices enabled the development … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy Red Quinoa Pilaf

If you ask me what ingredients I always have handy I would say generically vegetables. And if you insist and want know more details, because in that category can fall dozens, hundreds of items, I may have to respond carrots. … Continue reading

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Six Color Galletti in a Bed of Lentils and Vegetables

Lentils are one of my favorites sources of protein. Considered one of the world’s healthiest food (made it to the top five in Health magazine), is a great source of iron, vitamin, dietary fiber, folate and potassium. Red lentils have … Continue reading

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First Meal of the Year…

It was not today’s lunch or I would be starving! So, this is a recap post about our New Year’s Day lunch. Good food yummy yummy! Let me introduce you to our dishes. The mandatory black eye peas for good … Continue reading

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Good Old Vegetable Soup

Now that Christmas is over and New Year’s Day is around the corner, nothing is more comforting than a hot vegetable soup. Warming up the stomach and preparing it for the rest of the meal. It can be a perfect … Continue reading

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