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Redirecting To New Domain

Hello everybody, The new blog domain is up and running. Anybody who comes to the homepage on WordPress will be redirect automatically to: I already redirected all e-mail subscribers to the new website. If it’s your case, you just … Continue reading

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Be Right Back with a New Post and a New Design

I’ve been flowing around with a new post about pretty butterflies, but especially working on a new domain and design for this blog. I will be launching it really soon, after finishing a few details left. I’ll keep you posted … Continue reading

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Crustless Coconut Pie

As easy as pie. Pleasant and nice. Yellow and white. And so, I made two of them. One for us, other to take away when visiting the in-laws the past weekend. Easter time, softly appropriate dessert. One disappeared within hours; … Continue reading

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Tomato Rice

I was planning to be in Portugal this Easter. For a variety of reasons I had to delay my trip. When I was breaking the news to my parents, whom have been anxiously waiting for the visit, my mom remind … Continue reading

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Baileys Marbled Cheesecake

There was a time I used to travel to Ireland for a couple of days almost every week. Of course I didn’t have children by then and these trips were part of my job, sometimes even happening during weekends. During … Continue reading

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Homemade “Snickers” Chocolate Cake

This cake was envisioned while I was half asleep-half awake in bed. It happens to me many times, is it normal? Not only with food, I think I always have the best ideas when I use my early morning boosted … Continue reading

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Orlando Weekend with Food Blog Forum

It was an exciting weekend full of positive energy. I’m very glad for the moment I’ve decided to join this full day event in Orlando, Florida. One of the best things about blogging is being part of a community that … Continue reading

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