These Are the Days of Our Lives

We’ve been spending the mornings at the beach. The weather is greetings us with sunshine and warm temperatures and we’re welcoming the outdoors. This is, in my opinion, the best time of the year to enjoy the Florida coastline, before it starts to get a little to hot to handle the outside temperature for too long.

Plus, our little runner loves to get her feet on the sand. Beach is a word she recognizes and learned how to spell, a word associated with lots of fun. On top of that we bought her this castle bucket set, so easily you can imagine how busy we’ve been trying to build castles and a tunnel of water under the castle. Or sort of.

These has been very busy mornings, a hard time making complicated engineering calculations to architecture a way of keeping the castle up and to make sure it doesn’t collapse just like this one down here. I think we’re almost there, but we will need some more experience on the field.

So, here we are surrounded not only by bucket sets, but also by pretty birds like this snowy egret.

We watch people walking or jogging in the sand, fishermen having more or less luck with their catches or surfers riding the waves.

We even look at planes and helicopters flying around us.

By now you may think why I’m writing like a ten years old, being so descriptive and basic. Sometimes I like to think how perfect the world seemed to be when we were kids. Just like the song that makes the title of this post, the sun should always be shining and it would be great to live just for fun. We have our eyes and thoughts in the raising tragedy from Japan, the latest information about Libya and even sad news of people surrounding us. Such a disaster, so much damage and a few stories of love and humanity in between, but all of them heartbreaking. So, let me keep it simple and try to look at life through the eyes of a child. Allow me to embrace the world and return to innocence.

I’ll be back next week with a savory recipe and a special ingredient. In the meantime, I hope you savor these images and smile.


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3 Responses to These Are the Days of Our Lives

  1. OH I love the pictures. I sure miss living in Florida. It was a wonderful four years for me. Like being on a vacation every day!!!!!

  2. Manu says:

    Amazing pictures!

  3. In times of such trouble, living in the moment with your family is to be treasured.

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