A Day at the Zoo

These parrots are sharing secrets. “Hey, do you know we are at a zoo?” “What’s a zoo?” “It’s a nice place where some animals live and are observed and fed by humans.” “Ah, ok, let’s go visit.” “Ahem, ok, but you know we are animals too, right? Let me repeat that for you pretty parrot… hum nevermind.”

As you can imagine, the little girl loved the zoo. Plus, she was driven there in a her new car seat, so much comfortable and safe than the old “egg”. Driving in class mama! Oh, look at that bird, so fancy with a hat! Don’t you think it has too much make-up on those cheeks? Love the eyes! I’m pretty sure the bird was posing just for the picture, vanity oblige.

Not like the white rhinos, on their own relaxation mode. Time for a nap! “Not for me mama!” Ah, ok let’s go look at the cheetah over there. Seems the cheetah are not available for the camera, keeping their distance. No problem.

It’s a beautiful day at the zoo. “Excuse me, I was being discreet here protected by these plants. Who told you to come so closely?” Ok, Yellow-billed Hornbill, we’re going on a train tour now. Uff, lucky us, we’ve got the last seats available on the train. Let’s go!

We’re in the Africa exhibit and these two below are Scimitar Oryx.

The Arabian Camel is happily smiling to the camera. He’s used to the visitors and even blinked his long thick lashes, a feature that protects their eyes in the harsh desert conditions from the blowing sand. I’m going to call him “Areias”, because reminds me of a children funny song about a camel with that name.

The Flamingos couldn’t look better in pink, contrasting with the landscape while they bathe (or sleep?) in the lake. They’re part of the Wild Florida exhibit, but don’t look that wild to me.

Long neck has the Ostrich. Can you run at a speed of about 40 mph (65 km/h) like they do? Powerful legs.

Uh oh, and arriving at Austral/Asia area who did we met? Well, we didn’t actually met, but this large Cassowary was making lots of sounds, that’s for sure. Don’t get distracted by the awesome blue and red head colors, this flightless bird is one of the tallest and heaviest living birds and they have a bad reputation for being dangerous to people and domestic animals. Last February cyclone Yasi reportedly endangered 200 cassowaries (about 10% of the total Australian population), destroying a large area of their habitat in Australia.

And finally we reached La Selva just in time to see this big cat. The jaguar was a little nervous to see so many people flashing at him, so he kept walking back and forward. Or maybe he was not nervous at all, he’s just a solitaire by nature.

The agile Spider Monkeys were entertained and entertaining everybody climbing from branch to branch. Once in a while, they would stop close to the big glass for our rejoice.

What a day! So much more to see in the Brevard Zoo. We fed the giraffes and little girl had a blast feeding the birds – cockatiels and lorikeets (parrots). Fun!


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2 Responses to A Day at the Zoo

  1. Great pictures!!! I love flamingos. Those were particularly wonderful. Must have eaten a few shrimp recently.

  2. How fun!!! These are great, wonderful photos!

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