The Elegant Giraffe

Last weekend we went to the Zoo and I’ll be posting about that day here soon. Today I’m featuring the tallest animal we’ve seen there.

The giraffe is elegant and very polite.

If not being entertained, this animal might check what a piece of wood tastes like. Other than that, giraffes love cookies. Go blame them! One of their favorite part of living in a zoo is having lots of people having fun feeding them, what means lots of cookies all day long. Check it out. One giraffe approaches in her special way to ask, then you give her a cookie which is devoured in two seconds. That’s it. But wait, the giraffe is still there, waiting for more. You better hurry with those cookies or she will show you the tongue.

Pardon me for calling “she” to this giraffe. I don’t really know her gender. I have this terrible habit of translating to English the same gender the words would have in Portuguese. Giraffe is a feminine word to me. I guess I couldn’t say that about the next one. Oh, nevermind.

Did you know that in Ancient Rome the North of Africa giraffe was believed to be a cross between a female camel and a male leopard? That’s why they called the species Giraffa camelopardalis.

The giraffes were one of the most enjoyable parts of our visit to the Brevard Zoo. You see, our little girl lives around giraffes in her bedroom world.

She recognizes the giraffes in the books. Well, as much as many other animals in the fifty children books she carries around all day. But the giraffe is surely one favorite. Especially now that we brought a giraffe home from the zoo.

This giraffe is just perfect for her size. It’s very friendly just like the ones in the animal kingdom. This one in particular is also huggable and likes to be cherished by a little girl. This one just doesn’t eat cookies. But that’s ok, little girl wouldn’t mind to eat all the cookies herself.


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2 Responses to The Elegant Giraffe

  1. I love them too. So majestic.

  2. Oh my gosh. She is tooooooo cute! Love these photos. I always wondered…does the giraffe get hungrier fastier b/c by the time the food gets to their stomach….

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