This is my favorite photo from last week’s vacation. The horse is absolutely portentous, statuesque, magnificent. It is surely the ultimate punctum of this captured moment, as defined by Roland Barthes in his “Camera Lucida”.

The colors are very autumnal, full of brown details, from the horse, the field and the naked branches of the trees. In the background, the astounding Blue Ridge mountains, well-marked in the blue grey sky with sparkles of white. Talking about white, the horse hair blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape, the snow in the field, contributing to the composition.

I almost feel it as if it is an impressionist painting, with some well-defined strokes and side-by-side colors creating a vibrant surface and emphasizing the natural light.

The picture was taken in Biltmore Estate, in North Carolina.

This other picture was taken also in North Carolina, on the way to the Nantahala National Forest. Two horses eating close to the road while the snow flakes fall into the ground. All is grey and white, not considering the gold back of the truck (please forgive for that). The trees are all smoky with exception of the one detached in the center of the photo. Compared to the first picture, with more warm colors, this one is almost as cold as the temperature of that day. Nevertheless, I also enjoy this landscape and these peaceful horses sharing a meal in harmony.


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3 Responses to Horses

  1. The sky, the ground, the trees, the mountains…they are the perfect complement for the beauty of the horse. Thanks for sharing this photo!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful picture. One of these years we will have the time for a family reunion at the Biltmore. I hadn’t thought about how lovely it would be at this time of year. The recipe for Rabanadas look scrumptious. Now I have a plan for the left overs from last nights loaf.

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