Cookies Ice-cream Cake

Or Cookies’n’Cream Ice Cream Cake. Or Maria Cookies Cake. Or Cookies’n’Cream Frozen Cake. Or just Cookies Cake. Whatever you name it’s always related to the original “Bolo de Bolacha”, which is obviously another Portuguese recipe I can’t get enough with.

Last time I ate one of those was in Portugal in a family dinner and that was the first time my (American) husband try the delicious dessert. I haven’t eaten that in longtime too and if I my memory doesn’t fail me I think I ate something like three big slices myself. And that already on top of a marvelous dinner full of mouth-watering dishes. Yes, I was pleasurably full at the end. And happy. And thinking I could maybe eat another slice. But I didn’t.

That’s a dessert I grew up with. In every kids party there it was, the well known Cookies Cake. You can find a few variations on the net, especially the one made with the butter cream. I prefer it with condensed milk (what can I say? Everything made with condensed milk is for me synonym of rich heavenly ‘yumminess’) and the ice-cream version.

So, a while back I asked my sister (who did the dessert at that dinner) to send me the recipe she used because I was wanting to reproduce exactly the same one. And so she did, along with other tempting variations.

Oh boy, I did the ice-cream cake and once again I may have eaten too much of it. Or may not (just don’t judge me ok?). All I can say in my defense is that is a flavor I have saved in my palate and a gal needs its fixing once in a while. Nevermind. It’s just good stuff. Easy and non baking too. I even did a little version with homemade applesauce around my daughter first birthday, so that she could enjoy a bit and her mommy could satisfy her cravings with no guilt. Here’s a picture of that one.

This time I did it again. I mean, I did it. And again I may or may not have had more than I should. But it was just this time. Maybe next time I’ll do it with the cream egg and almond cover. We’ll see…

Cookies Ice-cream Cake

Preparation time: 4 hours and 20 minutes

Serves 6 (possibly)

1 package of Maria cookies (7 oz)

1 can of condensed milk

1 pint of heavy whipping cream (very cold)

2 cups of strong coffee (to submerge the cookies)

Whisk the heavy cream with an electric mixer until the cream holds its shape. Add the condensed milk and whisk just until combined. In the meantime, prepare the coffee and let it cool down completely.

In a round pirex (around 9 cups) with cover (or other bakeware with lid and able to go to the freezer), start shaping the cake layer by layer. In the bottom add some cream mixture. Submerging the cookies one by one on the coffee for a couple of seconds (the cookie must keep its shape, just submerge to smooth it a little and get the coffee flavor), display them in a circle (one in center and others around) in the pan. Repeat the procedure (1 layer of cream, another of cookies) until you run out of cream. The last layer should be cream. Cover and freeze for 4 hours. To serve, warm up the covered frozen pan in hot water to easily turn it upside down on a plate.


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5 Responses to Cookies Ice-cream Cake

  1. Slamdunk says:

    That looks so good that if I were there, the servings would need to be reduced from 6 to 3.

  2. Mateja says:

    Wow, like having a dejavu!!!! All my favorite childhood desserts- Cookie Ice-cream Cake and the Chocolate Salami. And what a nice photos! Thank you for bringing back some nice memories ^_^

  3. yin says:

    Wow! This Cookies Ice-cream cake looks so inviting there. My son was next to me when I read this and he said he want this!

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