The Perfect Skin Care

Isn’t it what we all are looking for? But most of the times seems equal to look for the Holy Grail of the cosmetics. We try and try and there’s always something that is not right. And when we find some product that our skin is accepting well, we mostly stick to it.

There are so many brands and varieties and an advertising innuendo. So many features and magical powers and we almost believe it. Unfortunately, most of the brands, especially those that you’re thinking of, the fanciest and most known out there, impregnate their creams with harmful chemicals. Of course, they do that, not intentionally to damage our health, but to enhance and preserve some of the ingredients. Nevertheless, those ingredients are bad and should not be use.

Conscious of these matters, I began to search for chemical-free options for my skin. And, guided by the cosmetic safety database of the Environmental Working Group website, I picked a few things for my household.

One of the brands I choose is the Non Toxic Skin Care. How simple and clear is that name? It’s an Australian based company, who promotes reusability, recyclability and social responsability. They do not test the products on animals and do not use animal-derived ingredients, which make their products vegan friendly. What I like also is that they adhere to the European Guidelines, which are among the strictest guidelines in the world.

And the good news is that they ship worldwide. And the products are very affordable too. Well, you can see all on their website. They have products for women, men, babies, kids and body and bath options. Do I look like I’m advertising? I can tell you NTSC never heard of me.

My reviews about it? They’re not bad at all. The eye cream I got, the firming eye lotion, has a little grain though, but is spreadable and works fine. I especially like the one I choose as my night cream, the hibiscus firming, which is very smooth and fresh.

For day cream, my choice was the mild sensitive with SPF 15+ and about this one I say is not perfect because of the sunscreen protection it leaves the face a little white, but that fades off during day.

I also got both the sensitive baby wash and lotion and it’s baby approved.

If you know about other brands that do toxic-free cosmetics that you love, spread the word and please tell me about in the comments section. I’m always eager to live a healthy non-toxic lifestyle!


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