Hurricane Season – Tracking Earl at the Closest Point

This morning I woke up with the hurricane at the closest point of approach from Florida Coast. Around 8 a.m. Earl was about 373 miles from my location with winds of 145 mph (233 kph). It seems that was its strongest moments. At the beach it was low tide, but as you can see in the pictures was pretty high, covering almost all the sand area. I’m waiting to see how its going to be on the high tide, but by then Earl would be farther away.

This is how the sea was at that time.

There are some parts of the reef that might have detached with the rough sea and are now spare in the sand.

Nevertheless, the day is beautiful. Sunny, with barely any wind and with temperatures as high as 105 degrees (41 Celsius). At this time, no surfers adventure to the sea for their own safe. Not like yesterday, when we watched a few taking advantage of the big waves.

There were people in the beach and some even fishing!

This was the panorama of the sea by then.

And this is today.

Doesn’t look much different huh? We were lucky with this one. At the moment of this last photo, Earl has downgraded to category 3 (though still 125 mph= 201 kph) and it’s 404 miles away from this location. It’s supposed to upgrade again to category 4 later in the day on its path North.

For now it’s time to cherish the day!


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