My Favorite Salad

This has been my favorite salad this Summer. The one I’m making over and over, changing this and that but the main ingredients are always the same. I love this combination!

The salad is pretty simple, as most of the salads are and the ‘must’  here is the grilled fish. I like it with salmon but sometimes I add some different kind, which was the case now. Besides the wild caught sockeye salmon from Alaska there’s also a super tender mahi-mahi, both of them cut in little pieces after grilled and mixed with the other ingredients.

The cast of characters for the salad are:

Grated carrot, tomato, cucumber, avocado, feta cheese (not seen in the picture) and mixed lettuce (this time without lettuce). I especially enjoy the tasty combination of avocado, tomato and feta cheese – these are a perfect menage a trois in the salad world. I’m simply seasoning it with extra virgin olive oil (hopefully really extra virgin, regarding the latest news that indicate that many imported oils failed extra virgin standards) and just a splash of vinegar (the feta already has lots of salt) and the mixed flavors altogether are the real seasoning. Crispy, fresh, colorful, deliciously healthy!


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