Non Toxic Nail Polish

I stopped polishing my nails when I got pregnant.

Knowing how harmful those beautiful glasses of rainbow colors are, my concerns multiplied infinitely because of the little human-being I was developing inside of me. I was and still am responsible for this baby healthy development, especially when it was an indefensible embryo.

All conventional nail polishes contain substances like formaldehyde, toulene, and dibutyl-pthalate (DBP), known to be carcinogen and linked to underdeveloped genitals and other long-term fertility problems in newborn boys.

Anyway, those were enough reasons to avoid these toxic chemicals forever! Almost resigned to a life without any color in my nails, I was happily surprised to hear about some brands making non toxic nail polish.

Wait a minute? That means I can polish my nails again? I mean, my baby was born sometime ago, but I am more committed to use safe products than ever.

With this in mind, I did some search and I found a few brands that seems to be trusted sources of safe nail products. Here are some of those:

Safe Nail Polish – a water based formula suitable for adults, children and pets! 22 colors with funny names like ‘skies the limit’, ‘kotton kandy’ or ‘ocean sand’.

Acquarella – 24 colors plus remover, conditioner and acessories. Pretty but a little pricey, compared to the others.

Polished Mama – 12 vibrant colors designed to be safe during pregnancy and beyond.  They offer a french manicure kit and another pedicure kit.

Piggy Paint – This sounds the best option for kids. Even the website is designed targeting kids and the colors are so bright with options like ‘project earth: lol’ or ‘mac-n-cheese please’. Available gift sets are perfect for birthday parties.

Zoya – This one is difficult to choose from because they offer over 300 colors, plus 4 seasonal collections! Fortunately, the website includes a color finder to make it easy to look for specific color and/or finish.

And this last weekend I received my supply from Zoya. Yay! First option was the Perrie color.

Well, actually I was expecting it to be more lilac than lavender, but I still like the final result. What you think?

Disclaimer: None of these brands are advertising on my blog, They’re mentioned here by my one and only personal choice.



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